Номе / Conditions

Terms of car rental in Ukraine

Documents and driver’s limitation

1. The passport of a citizen or a foreign passport
2. Driving license with category "B"
3. Driving experience - 2 years, if the driver's license changed, the mark of the driving experience (placed in front of a category "B" or just anywhere on the driver's license - must be marked in many countries)
4. Driver's age - at least 21 years old

Order car for rent

If you want to take a car rental right now - you can just come to the office and take the car. To accelerate extradition procedures of a car - call us and we will immediately begin to prepare the car for you.

With advance reservations, we put the car on the booking class and the gearbox. We always take into account your specific wishes about the car brand, but the book will take place only in the class. If the requirement to take just such a car and only this brand, color, license plate number with specific numbers - please refer to the day, that is, today for today.

With advance booking prepayment can be done or not done. During high season, it is always better to make an advance payment, in order for you not to be told that the car remains in a limited quantity and it is better to make an advance payment today.

High season or the time when the cars rented most of it:
1. May-September
2. May holidays May 01-12
3. New Year holidays December 28 - January 20,
4. Easter, Trinity, memorial days
5. Independence Day - August 24 Constitution Day - June 28

Book a rental car, you can through:
1. the order form on the web
2. By phone (+38) 067-644-6-555
3. e-mail info@race.net.ua
4. Using the on-line chat
5. Skype race-ukraine
6. Viber or WhatsApp
7. Visiting our office

Prepayment of the reservation can be made: 1. Cash in any of our office
2. Credit card through the web
3. Bank transfer to our company account
4. A completion card of PrivatBank in Ukraine
5. Transferring money via international payment transfers: Western Union, Money Gram, Golden Crown, etc.
6. WebMoney payment by electronic money at any of our purse

Upon acceptance of the order and payment, the customer is sent a voucher (order form), which is the guarantee of a successful booking. If the customer make online order without paying, he is sent pre-order list and calculation, but it is not a voucher - it's just a calculation and pre-order list.

Abandon your reservation, cancel a reservation

Any booking can be canceled without losing money in case you make cancellation minimum 72 hours before your rental start in case other have not selected by the special conditions of booking or promo. You can receive the prepayment back or cancel the booking 72 hours before your rental.

If the cancellation made for less than 72 hours before your rental start, we do not return the prepayment in full amount.

Attention! In case of returning the advance prepayment within the prescribed period if the advance is subject to 100% refundable, rental company did not return the bank's commission, transfer costs, fees, taxes and similar payments which may be charged by the country of transfer or receipt, banking institutions and other enterprises, institutions, organizations, state bodies which, according to the contractual relations or legal obligation retain such sum or keep it in cases of refund or does not return the payment of commissions, taxes, fees, etc.

How to cancel booking

1. Send us an e-mail, call, chat, Skype, another convenient way for you
2. Through account My RACE

Reservations canceled if the operator send the application for cancellation, and they made a corresponding change in bookings.

Working hours of our offices

Our office is open daily. The car can be obtained without any surcharges from Monday to Friday from 08 am to 19 pm, the car extradition is possible 24 hours a day, which requires advance booking.

The cost of rental, car hire price without a driver and with the driver service

Prices for car rental will depend on:
1. Vehicle Class - the more expensive cars in the class, the higher the price
2. The rental period - the longer a rental period is, the cheaper a price
3. A variety of options that the customer can add or remove:

a. increased insurance
b. Increased mileage limits (if the mileage is limited)
c. Shipping and rebounds of the car in an place
d. Obtaining or returning the car at night, a day, or in another city

In the “fleet” and “prices” on our website you can see a valid price for the period of hire. During ordering your price can be changed because of the time and date of receipt or return of the car, as well as the place of receipt and return of the car, if you change them - the price may be changed.

Prices listed on the website include:
1. Rent a car for a stated period
2. CDW and TP insurance on the rental period with a deductible equal deposit
3. A limited run of 250 km / day (for longer periods or special offers can be changed)
4. Tires according to a season
5. The cost of the seasonal change of tires
6. The total cost of maintenance of the vehicle on the rental period
7. All taxes and fees
8. The replacement of a vehicle in case of breakdown
9. Assistance and support 24 hours

Currency of payment, payment of hire

The web have listed prices in different currencies, payment is in the national currency of Ukraine - UAH.

The rate at which the currency is transformed at the web may be different, as defined as the average rate of banks to buy or sell currency.

When paying by card or by transfer, payment amount may differ, due to the conversion of money on your card and the internal rate of your bank in relation to the currency conversion. These details can be clarified only at your bank.

Pay for a rental car, you can this way:
1. Cash
2. Credit card
3. amount transfer
4. Electronic money WebMoney

The deposit for the car

The customer leaves a deposit for the car, at the day of rental. The deposit for the car is deductible on the insurance case. The insurance company does not cover losses of a franchise (pledge). Franchise is equal deposit amount. If there is more than deposit amount, it is payed by the insurance company in case of an accident.

If you want to reduce the responsibility of the insurance or get a car rental without deposit - use the extra insurance.

Deposit is left by:
1. Cash
2. Non-cash money
3. Locking on a credit cards

Deposit refunded immediately upon return of the vehicle, and in case of blocking an amount on the card – we unlock the deposit immediately, but money return period depends on your bank, usually is 1-7 business days from the date of release.

Attention! The period of enrollment returned money, you can check in your bank, as well as in the payment system that your card belongs to.


Absolutely all our cars have CDW+TP insurance and third party liability insurance (TPL).

CDW+TP covers all cases that can occur with a car:

Limitation of liability

All included insurance have a liability limit. Despite the fact that the car is insured, you are also responsible for the car in the amount of your deposit (deductible). The insurance company pays the amount of damage minus your deposit (deductible).

If the amount of damage is $ 10,000, and your deposit is $ 500, then the insurance company pay $ 9,500, and you will be required to pay $ 500 (from the deposit amount or otherwise).

If you do not want to lose deposit in the event of an accident or other insurance event, take advantage of additional insurance.

Additional insurance

If you do not want to lose a deposit or lose a much smaller amount in case of insurance event, use additional insurance. You can order these insurances while booking on our website or from the manager when you receive the car.

We offer such insurance to reduce your liability:

  1. Extra insurance - insurance is the same as the basic, but the size of your responsibility for the occurrence of an insured event is 2 times lower than under the basic insurance. If the amount of liability is 500 US dollars under the basic insurance, then with Extra insurance it is equal 250 US dollars.
  2. Super insurance - insurance with zero liability. If the insured event occurs, you will not lose anything. Simply file an incident with the police, no no deposit will be withheld from you.

Still have questions? Write: info@race.net.ua or call +380-67-644-6-555 or +995-514-577-555

The insurance is not valid

In such cases:
1. Alcoholic, drug intoxication or the use of medications that lower response
2. The use of the car in special modes: taxi, racing, for transportation of special cargo (poisons, flammable materials), transportation of animals in the vehicle, towing a trailer or machinery in mountainous or other special areas that require special vehicles and driving skills training ride
3. Loss of the keys, license plates, the car passport
4. Driving a car or trust management person without a driver's license or without a category "B"
5. Hiding or leaving the scene, chase, premeditated crimes by car
6. Water hammer - the ingress of water in the car's engine
7. Puncture, cut tires, not caused by accident
8. car theft if the keys and the documents were not with the driver (voluntary transfer or abandonment of the documents and / or keys, which led to the hijacking)

Limit path

We offer a basic run limit 250 km a day. If you rent a car for 10 days, your mileage will be 2,500 km. If you exceed this limit, you just made a small co-payment for each kilometer rerun, the price when calculating the site for each car.

You can order, unlimited mileage on the car.

Offer car rental for a period of 30 days or more, or at special rates, can have other restrictions on mileage - read by special conditions of offers that you choose.

Car use Territory

The area of use of the car - Ukraine. Banned from traveling outside of Ukraine. Temporarily restricted to travel on the rental car in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine due to the occupation and possible hostilities.


Cars are filled with a minimum amount of fuel at issue. We are not dressed with a full tank as giving you the opportunity to choose the fuel you want to use. If you want a full tank car - please order this service and pay a hollow vehicle-refueling tank.

Returning the car must be of the same amount of fuel, which was obtained at the time of receiving of a vehicle by the client. If the fuel is not enough, the payment is made for the fuel according to the tariffs of any fuel station. Leaving extra fuel is not compensated.

We recommend to use the gasoline AI - 95, in diesel-powered vehicles - diesel fuel according to the season.

In the winter period for diesel cars, we give you Antigel for fuel to have no problems with the engine running in extreme cold.

The contract of car hire

We give a hire contract and the act of acceptance-transfer of the car, which specifies all the damage and comments to every Renter. You can take a photo or record a video of the car condition, for your greater confidence.

Terms mentioned here are fully reflected in the car rental contract.

Renewals car rental, early repayment

If you want to extend the rental of a car, it is best to contact the manager 24 hours prior to the date of renewal. If there is a possibility of extending the rental, you will be given an additional agreement for a new period of hire. The cost of extending the rental is also dependent on the rental period, if you rented a car for a month, and renewing the car for 5 days, the tariff will be used 5 days, not 30 days.

In a case of non-extension of your car, you will be offered an alternative.

You can return the car early, while rental costs will be recalculated according to your actual number of rental days and apply the appropriate tariff plan, and the amount to be refunded will be refunded minus 30%. For example, you take the car for 30 days, but returned it after 10 days, the amount to be returned will be deemed as:

The amount to be returned = 30 days rental rate * 30 days - 10 days * 10 days rate + price of ordered and performed additional services- 30%

The accident, what to do

In the event of an accident or any damage to the vehicle:
1. Do not drive from the scene of accident
2. Call us and the police
3. Wait for the arrival of the patrol, which will issue the accident
4. Wait for the representative of the insurance company
It is obligatory not to move out from the scene under any circumstances.

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