Visit Kreminets

Kremіnets castle

Kremenets has the most legendary castle owes much to the wife of Sigismund the I Bonet, who in 1536 gave her Kremenets and suburbs. It has strengthened the high castle walls, three towers, barracks, shopping facilities and the powder magazine.

Leaving for Italy after the death of a spouse, the widow took out of Kremenets 70 carts of different kind.

A castle continued to bear its custody. In September 1648, Colonel Jalal Philo took the fortress under siege. Eighteen months lasted desperate fighting, and finally in October, the rock was taken and destroyed. The first and last time. Since then, the castle is not restored.

If you are devide to visit this place you will need a car for rent, which you can take at our nearest offices Kiev or Lviv.

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