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Rent a car in Georgia for $ 10 per day

Do you want to hire a car in Georgia, but more cheaper, so rent for $ 10 per day - this offer is for you.

We offer special prices for you for a rental period from 30 days on a special category of cars. Rent a car for 1 day will cost for you $ 25 a day, and if you will order a car on a long term, the price will be only $ 10 per day.

Cars are almost always available for a rent. To order a car by a special price, you have to just call us by phone or make the booking through the website.

Price $ 10 per day does not include any additional limitations, so you can use this vehicle by standard conditions.

The order a car not necessarily to make in Georgia.

Our vehicles are available to rent in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi, in other cities of Georgia, a car is available on request.

Low cost cars, as well as everyone else, shod on season tires and all cars are in excellent condition.

Don’t have to think - order now car rental in Georgia for $ 10 per day!

Action is not actual now: see prices on rental cars in section Prices in Georgia.

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