Mazda 3 is a very attractive car that combines elegance and swiftness, it has front-wheel drive. The car has pretty spacious interior, in comparison with the previous body. The body increased in length and in width, that would certainly be nice. The passenger sitting in the back seat, will have a few centimeters of legroom. You will appreciate this car with a larger trunk capacity up to 419 liters. In this car there is a new understanding of mobile communications - a seven-inch touch screen, the driver and the passenger of the car will always be "online", it is possible to connect a smartphone to send and receive SMS, you can use the navigation, social networks, search services, etc.

The Legend about the House with Chimaeras
Dark stories and legends about the House with Chimaeras and other interesting details about this building you will find out from this article
“Khortytsia” National Reserve
Everything about the main beauty and pride of Zaporizhia – “Khortytsia” national reserve, find out more why this reserve is so popular by following the link

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