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Toyota Prius Hybrid review

The car with a 1.8-liter hybrid engine. The hybrid engine provides additional dynamics and increases the car's power if you need to make a sudden overtaking or gain speed quickly. The Prius will be the benchmark for fuel economy if you use a car in an urban environment and prefer a quieter movement. You will not use gasoline at all if you do not exceed the speed of 20 km/h and start smoothly, the car will move on an electric battery. The electric battery is charged by the engine, and it also uses the braking energy. You can fully observe the whole process of charging and using the battery on the car monitor. You achieve a fuel consumption of 3-4 liters in the city cycle if you use a car correctly.

This car is chosen by those who want to save money and get a good dynamic car. The car has a roomy trunk, because it's a liftback and is designed for 4-5 people for traveling.

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