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Driving to Lviv with RACE

November 2020

Lviv is one of the most unique cities of Ukraine. It combines different styles of architecture, you can see many monuments, beautiful temples, cathedrals, various museums. Hospitality and friendly attitude of the residents is admirable.

The city is filled with aroma of coffee and chocolate that fascinates and attracts all visitors and residents. A lot of caffeine will invite You for a Cup not scored a flavored coffee. But in chocolate you can purchase a painting or even sculpture handmade out of chocolate. If you want to plunge into this atmosphere, come to Lviv.

And how to get from Dnipro to Lviv You might think? By car, by train or by bus? Expensive and time consuming!

We can easily answer this question. To date, the Ukraine airlines is a new flight Dnipro-Lviv. Modern aircraft are comfortable and easily take vask destination.

Finding yourself in the heart of Western Ukraine — the city of Lviv, convenient and colorful the further journey will help You to make the company "Race" - car rental. A great selection of cars in excellent condition in favorable terms, the transfer to the airport or other point of the city, services of a driver, Navigator for those who do not know the city, this will give the opportunity to relax without worrying about the details. Quickly and time to get to the right place and to see all the beautiful sights of this region.

Have a nice vacation!

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