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Odessa – the city on the sea shore

December 2022

Odessa is a port city located on the coast of the Black Sea in southern Ukraine. As the locals say: Odessa must not only be seen, but also to heard and felt. We give a description of some of the sights of the hero city to appreciate it worthily.


The very heart of the city of Odessa. By itself, the street is not large in length and width, but its worth a visit, if only because it is the main symbol of the city. A number of cafes is located on Deribasovskaya Street, where you can sit, relax, drink tea and continue your walk again. The street is immortalized not only in literature, but also in cinema.

Deribasovskaya photo

The Potemkin Stairs

To begin with, we will give the dimensions of the street: it is 142 meters long and consists of 192 stairs. The staircase is made in the style of classicism in the first half of the 19th century. Odessa - got its name thanks to the film "Battleship Potemkin", where there is a scene shot on the stairs.

The Potemkin Stairs photo

Odessa catacombs

Formed after mining work. The length of the catacombs reach almost three thousand kilometers. They stretched not only under the city, but also in its vicinity. Now the guides conduct tours in the catacombs, but the little-known corners are not accessible to tourists.

Odessa catacombs photo

The Wax Museum

It was built in 1998. The museum collection consists of more than 20 wax figures. However, they were not created in Odessa, but in St. Petersburg. One of the most famous is the wax figure of A.S. Pushkin.

The Wax Museum photo

Flat house wall

From the facade it looks like a normal, unremarkable house. But if you look at it from the side, you will get the impression that the house is completely flat.

Flat house wall photo

Opera Theater in Odessa

It was built in 1887 on the site of another burned down Opera House. The style of the theater is Viennese baroque. It still remains the largest opera house in Odessa.

Opera Theater in Odessa photo

Museum of Art

The museum was founded in 1923. It consists of 23 exhibition halls. It includes exhibits of Western and Eastern art, which were previously in private collections. Stocks of exhibits replenished from the Hermitage and the Museum of Kiev. It is considered to be the best museum in all of Ukraine.

Museum of Art photo
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