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Car rental in Chernihiv

February 2023

Car rental in Chernihiv is the best alternative to the taxi and other ways of moving around the city because:

  • You can choose buy yourself when and where to go, with whom or you are going on your own only.
  • You spend less time – you are able to look around the more places of interest in the city;
  • You can leave the territory of the city and drive wherever you want (except for forbidden by the company territories).
  • You will spend less money on car rental services comparing to the taxi.

Why it is better to rent a car at Race company?

As in any other company, the employees consider that their services are the best. But we are telling this not without a reason

  1. Race company has recommended itself as a reliable partner in the sphere of car rental.
  2. Low costs on car rental services – we offer you only budget prices.
  3. And not only prices! We have a special offer – anybody who wishes to pay the whole sum of money in the online form, he will get a discount of 10% on our services.
  4. We have only new cars in our fleet. And no doubtful stories of the past of our cars.
  5. Large fleet - different classes of cars where you can find what you are searching for.
Why it is better to rent a car at Race company - photo

Chernihiv as it is

Do not think about Chernihiv as a small provincial town where at 9 pm everything is closed, everybody goes to home and life is stopped. And you will be bored sitting at your room in the hotel. Vice versa, nightlife in Chernihiv is playing with bright colors.

And if you want to listen to some stories about history of Chernihiv, then a lot of excursions are available for you. The guides do not tell them monotonously, but with a live interest – about the city and its places of historical value.

Chernihiv as it is - photo

How to rent a car at Race company

  • First of all book a car at our website, you can pay the whole sum online in order to get a discount of 10%
  • Come to our office or any other place in the city where you want to get the car
  • Show us our passport and driver`s license with category B (we will give you them back in a couple of minutes, we are not interested in your documents as a deposit).
  • Pay for the services + leave a deposit and sign the contract.
How to rent a car at Race company - picture

And that`s all, the car is yours.

Lifehack: do not forget to examine the car from all the sides and write them down in the contract if there are any on the car. You`d better to take some photos of all the sides of the car if you have not noticed some damages.

Then go to look around the city. You will get only the best emotions from your trip when you rent a car at Race company.

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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