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MTS absolute 0 with RACE

January 2017

MTS Ukraine action "absolute 0" was conducted with the aim of the action, our company has been the provision of services of renting a car, as well as service drivers. Forces of our company were served the city: Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv. MTS worked perfectly with RACE.

The action took place on the territory of Ukraine. Girls in bright red suits - poisonous red rental cars with MTS stickers symbols were simply out of competition.

We offer cars not only for individuals and foreigners, we can provide the services of a driver and long-term cooperation with legal companies, we also provide advertising campaigns, as evidenced by the cooperation with us, the company "MTS".

Акция от МТС

Акция от МТС

Акция от МТС

Акция от МТС

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