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Protests in some Ukrainian cities

December 2013

In connection with the situation worsening conflicts between citizens of Ukraine and the government rioting began in Kiev. Demonstrators protest against the regime of power in Ukraine. Among Protestants emerged reactionary leaders who incite the masses to violent actions.
As indicated opposition leaders, are provocateurs infiltrated by people who specifically incite violence among the people to create a mass of armed violence. Such instigators especially important and necessary the existing authorities, as at inciting violence in power will be the legal basis for the imposition of emergency and direct presidential rule.
People are calling to remain calm and balance, hold demonstrations peacefully, not to conflict and provocation.
It should be noted that when a state of emergency insurance, including in respect of cars taken in hire will not work. Insurance will not work, only if the car is in the zone of emergency or martial law.
Car rental in Kiev sharply limited because of possible limitations of insurance and mass rallies, incomprehensible actions of the authorities.
The regional offices also may be restrictions regarding the issuance of car rental, as stated by the heads of the branches of rental cars in Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk.
In general, there is calm, there is no accident in eastern Ukraine.
According to the rental car in Dnepropetrovsk, December 1, 2013, police officers stopped all vehicles traveling outside the city with one question, is not going to whether the car to go to Kiev, despite the fact that no official restrictions on the movement is not, and can not be.
Rent a car in other cities of Ukraine is working normally, order car at any time.

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