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Traffic police stoled a car plates

December 2013

Have you encountered a problem when a car you have parked outside the rules of the road, removed the license plates???
A few days ago, namely, December 3, 2013 in Dnepropetrovsk, with the rental car incident occurred, the license plates were removed. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport car was parked near one of the regional departments of the police in the field of view cameras. The driver was out near the car in just 20 minutes and during that time, the valiant workers of the district department removed the license plates and took them, in violation of any regulatory framework.
Upon treatment Pajero driver's car to the police department, he was denied the application on the theft, called the traffic police patrol on duty, which is the fact of the violation and theft did not respond, and then left. The way out of the situation was as follows: Up to 102, after which a statement was made. In making statements all 5 people on duty shift, and their colleagues looked with hatred on the driver. In place of a parked Pajero, there were 5 other machines, machines of police officers who were on regular registration (no blue numbers). The police refused to call the traffic police crew and draw up reports on their employees, explaining that cars operating, though the operational activities and that any they could not explain.
The actions of law enforcement officers seen signs of a criminal offense related to hooliganism and theft of property, as the number plate is the property owner of the vehicle. The plates have been returned by a call the prosecutor to which the driver came with a complaint, but the proceedings were expected to initiate a criminal case and conduct an official investigation on the illegal actions of police officers.
With outrage, we must fight to defend their rights - to protect the right and then lawlessness will be less. On the results of the audit - it will be announced later.

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