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Ukrainian Ramadan

May 2013

So Ukrainian "Ramadan" was completed. The offices went stormy talk about who, where, how and with whom spent the weekend. In many companies announced the weekend from 1 to 12 May 2013 inclusive. Forest planting, the river was just packed with people. Probably, there are few who notes May 1 as a day of labor, and on May 9, will not meet the number of veterans of the past, but the holiday was, and now he looks more like a celebration of spring and the heat than anything else. Period early May - one of the busiest in the field of car rental. Perhaps no region of Ukraine, which would not have felt the surge in the number of people wishing to rent a car.
It so happened that in the May holidays were added also the feast of Easter, as well as memorial days that rental as boring - especially popular cars economy class, which "rake" the purpose of the trip to the cemetery, to distant relatives.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that this holiday season is to be more vigilant, since the number of road accidents is always increasing.
Rent a car in Ukraine is not an exception to this statistic. In RACE we keep a check on the rapid response team, support and assistance in such emergencies.
The first May Day celebrations, we had to lose a single soldier - namely, rental car got in an accident. The funny thing is that all emergency staff have created our valiant traffic police. On the eve of the first of May holidays, they stopped the driver who rented a car and started checking it on alcohol, making sure that everything is fine - let him go, but the joy and the desire to "catch" kogo-to policeman ran out on the road and stopped the Mazda 3, which is controlled by a girl . Girl driver committing improper braking, since moved out of the way and then began to brake urgently, lost control, namely, on the gravel Mazda "suffered". The result - a broken car rolling back, the evil woman, frightened policeman who lost a lot of time rental customers.
We always ask you to be vigilant on the road, and even if you are very vigilant, think about other drivers, they may not be as skilled as you.

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