Nissan Almera - front-drive C-Class sedan.

An important feature of this car is that the car is focused on the needs of people living and operating a car in Russia and Ukraine. We're talking about the ability to work and start the engine in the cold season, as well as the special suspension tuning and power steering for driving on different types of not ideal roadway.

The trunk in the Nissan Almera is not small, and its volume is 500 liters (about 60 cm by 40 cm). But unfortunately, the cons of it known to most is a small height and a fairly narrow opening for loading items, which can accommodate two large suitcases and 1 large bag. Comfortably will feel 3 passengers and the driver, although the stated number of seats is five. But it was taken into account the small details that add ease of use - the luggage compartment lid has a convenient handle for its closing.

This is economy car of Japanese quality in the economy segment, in the Korean assembly. In the car there is CD-player, MP3 and radio.

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