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Renault Sandero Stepway review

Music: on-board computer, audio system CD-MP3, 4 speakers, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, hands-free, stalk joystick.

Trunk capacity: 320 liters - 2 suitcases or 3 bags.

Renault Sandero Stepway is a compact "pseudo SUV", built on the platform of a hatchback Sandero and Logan sedan. Stepway interior: rear seats will be convenient for two. The advantages include high suspension and a comfortable fit, economy among SUVs. The fuel consumption in the city mode is 9.8 liters, on the highway is 5.8 liters in the combined cycle is 7.2 liters per each 100 km. The car is completely adapted to the peculiarities of Ukrainian roads.

Stepway is convenient for trips to nature, to the country, around the city.

The car’s exterior is modern both outside and inside. You can select a stylish optics, bumpers. It is lost cost model with good look, while major changes to the design have been made. Designers alleviated some of the lines, cutting the eye, for example, deprived of cheap plastic model unpleasant shade. Now everything looks laconically, materials pleasant to the touch.

A new wheel was designed in the center console - color multimedia system monitor. The dashboard looks much brighter; tools are read well and clearly.

The luggage compartment in volume of 320 liters, but if the rear seats fully folded, the volume increases to 1200 liters. The capacity of the trunk is very large.

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