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Skoda Fabia review

Music: radio with MP3, AUX input.

Cargo capacity: 320 liters - 1 suitcase or bag 2-3.

Skoda Fabia is a list of the most frequently sold hatchbacks in Ukraine firmly holds the niche of affordable, reliable and comfortable cars, ideal for a big cities. The Fabia’s 1.2 liter engine use 6-6.5 liters of fuel for 100 kilometers in a city mode driving. Vehicle has a good engine and gearbox ratio, ideal for moving in the city area. It quickly moves off, convenient to maneuver in traffic.

The car’s steering wheel is easy to operate, light clutch pedal is very easy and precise shifting, the brake pedal is pressed easily. Everything is convenient, all within a finding of arms / legs of the driver. Instruments are well readable, backlight does not irritate, the design has a modest budget, and appearance. A man of average complexion will feel comfortable in the cabin, for a person with a more impressive dimensions have to rebuild only the position of the seat and steering wheel, which does not hurt for total ease of operation. The vehicle is equipped with a modern system for listening the music - radio with MP3.

Skoda Fabia has a voluminous interior for its class, proven ergonomics, good behavior on the road, safety, has a relatively low cost of maintenance and repair.

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