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Features of car hire in Georgia: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi

September 2020

Arriving in Georgia, you suddenly decided to use the services of car rental in Georgia. In this article we will not sanctify the beauty of this service, but we will focus only on the small advantage provided by our company when renting a car with us.

If you have read the terms of renting a car in Georgia, you probably read the list of services included in the rental price, if you have not found the answer to the question what to do with Parking – we will reply to you.

In Georgia, namely in Batumi and in Tbilisi there is a paid Parking. I must say that the system of payment exists only in these two cities. Park your car wherever there is a Parking sign "P". If you have parked the car in the wrong place or you have not paid for Parking – vehicle will be towed by a special service. The fine will be about 70 gel. Parking pay the Parking meter near, but only our company offers the service already paid for Parking.

If you have to rent a car in our company in Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi, you are automatically in the cost of car rental includes a Parking space. You can Park our car anywhere where it is not prohibited and the car will never be evacuated.

When Parking your car, you can see people in colored vests (Valet Parking), which helps you to drive or travel with or for Parking. These people do not have to pay. In Georgia, these people are called – himself found a job. They are not employees of the service of Parking, and just help you Park in the hope of receiving from you 0,20 lari in gratitude. All Georgians give them money because they are afraid of bad words to his side from the last. But it is your right, not an obligation.

These staff Parking you will never see, are ordinary people, they go with tablet and an car number check payment online. So to our cars – there will be no claims – all paid for ahead.

To book a car rental in Georgia, in Batumi, Tbilisi, with paid Parking is the phone listed on the website or fill in the form to book your rental cars in Georgia online

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