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Orange danger level

July 2022
In the western and central parts of Ukraine, the wind cleared to such an extent that forecasters had to set an orange level of danger. This is the second level of danger, and it implies weather conditions that pose a real threat to infrastructure, the public and the environment. Broken branches, blocking the road and causing damage to cars is not the whole set that the weather has prepared for us.
Orange code - photo

Safety regulations

Pavel Dyba, Chairman of the “Ukrainian Rescue Service”, declared himself, having prepared safety rules for drivers that must be observed in order not to become a “victim of circumstances”:

  1. Close all windows of houses and remove from the balconies those items that can fall out and cause damage to parked cars and people.
  2. If bad weather caught you on the street, then stay away from billboards, power lines and trees that may (not)accidentally fall on you.
  3. With a strong wind to find a building where you could hide and wait out the bad weather.
  4. Avoid being near large trees (for example, poplars) and do not park the car next to them.
Safety regulations - picture

We would like to add that attention should be paid to the power lines, as they can break off and give an electric shock those who are non-observant.

According to statistics, people most often receive damage from broken glass, slate, tiles, falling traffic signs and traffic lights.

Therefore, we advise you to be vigilant and refrain from going out of the apartment / house during bad weather.

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