Brand Rent A Car Enterprise offers a shuttle service to its clients.
Trasfer is a delivery of passengers from one place to another. Used in a meeting at the airport, railroad stations.

Shuttle Service is a service with a rigid payment, means that the cost of transfer includes the car hire value, wash, driver services, fuel, unlimited expectation.
Our company is probably the only one in Ukraine who understand the essence of the proposed service. You can meet a lot of proposals for transfers from different companies, but the most unpleasant thing appears when you start to communicate with them more closely.

Any other company realizes a transfer as arriving at the airport, took the men, and drove to the hotel. At the same time they charge for this service 350 - 400 UAH. On your question if we stayed with the luggage, delayed flight, delayed at customs, you will receive an answer very simple - pay for waiting at airport, even if the driver since the arrival stood for 1 hour and spent 40 minutes on your delivery to the hotel. None of the carriers is not to say that the 400 UAH include 3 hours service. If it is 3 hours laid, and you waited for 1 hour and 40 minutes you were going, it is not more than 2 hours, why did they ask for additional payment for 1 hour of downtime. This question bothers us. By the way, for this reason we can not work together not only with one carrier, because for us the customer's interests are the priority, and for 99% of carriers the profit is prior.

What is the shuttle as it should be carried out????
We can assure you that we do indeed transfer on a global level, or if you can not fulfill immediately reject the order, but will never include the customer counter.
Transfer is always a tough price. The price includes unlimited waiting, it does not matter, a day late flight or a year, the driver will wait for you, and at the same payment amount does not change. The only condition is the arrival of the client is the flight rather than another, that is, the shuttle can not be switched, I was late for a flight and going through the day. We meet the specified flight and in the event of a delay in your plane, in customs, in the search of things - we'll be waiting for you, but if you missed the plane by yourself, then sorry - here direct your fault.
Therefore, a transfer from us - it's one price for the whole complex of services: car, fuel, driver, car washing, unlimited expectation.

The transfer fee depends on the vehicle class and the place of delivery. If you are interested in the service and you want to know the price, please contact our operators.
If there is a need in a certain dress code of the driver let us know in advance.
We are ready to provide you with any additional services required for the transfer and movement. Not only transportation but also bodyguards, escort vehicles, etc.

Our contacts: (+38) 067-644-6-555

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