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Is it possible to go abroad via rented car in Ukraine?

June 2023

The situation in Ukraine in recent years has become quite unstable, which leads to new requests for car rental. For example, the inquiries about the possibility to travel by hired car from Ukraine abroad have increased, so let's consider this question in more detail and sort out the main nuances.

Military situation

Firstly, the reason for such interest in foreign car travel was the war in the country, which was unleashed by russia. Many people, fearing for their lives, are forced to leave their homes and go to safer regions or countries. Of course, not everyone has their own transport to leave, so you can turn to a rental service that can allow to go outside the country.

Rental companies provide car for evacuation

Indeed, there are rental services that provide the opportunity to leave in a rental car, but not every company is willing to do so. Some services allowed to leave as part of the evacuation. For example, in the first days of the attack on Kyiv, Getmancar offered its cars for evacuation to safer regions, to Western part of Ukraine and also to Poland. Our rental company RACE in Kiev, also provided cars for evacuation to save the people of Kyiv, and not only, from shelling.

One of Race's clients, Maxim, shared his experience: "Thank you for the opportunity to take my family from Dnipro to Lviv in the early days of the war. In such turmoil it was difficult to quickly arrange everything, but the operators were always on call and the car was provided very quickly, so we were able to quickly leave the unsafe area and thus save our lives".

Hire a car

If you plan to rent a car in Ukraine and go abroad, then you need to clarify this issue with the rental company, because not every service is ready for such a service. Some companies may allow travelling abroad, but impose additional restrictions and requirements. For example, additional insurances or deposits may be required.

car rental company

Vehicle damage abroad

If you do decide to travel abroad in a rental car, it is necessary to consider that if the car is damaged, you may encounter additional problems. Some companies do not provide car repair services abroad, so you may need to look for a service center and pay for repairs yourself.

Price, and cost of service

The cost of renting a car to go abroad may differ from the cost of renting a car inside the country. Some companies may impose additional fees for traveling abroad, which can significantly increase the cost of rental. You should also consider the cost of fuel and additional services (for example, GPS navigator).

Number of seats and transportation

If you are planning a trip abroad using a rental car, you need to consider the number of seats and the ability to carry luggage. Some companies may provide cars with a limited number of seats or limited luggage carrying capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to check this issue with the rental company before choosing a car.


Thus, you can travel by rental car abroad in Ukraine, but not every rental company has such a service, in addition, you need to take into account a number of nuances and restrictions. Some companies may provide services for evacuation from the conflict zone, but may impose additional requirements. It is also necessary to consider the cost of renting a car abroad, the possibility of repair in case of damage and the number of seats and the ability to carry luggage.

We hope this article was useful for you. Take care and travel in comfort!

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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