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RACE offers to join the club of our customers. If you use our car rental services, or if you at certain times there comes a need for you to be profitable to stay with us for a long time. Only through long-term cooperation and work with us you get bonuses and discounts at various levels from us and our partners.

Clients Rent A Car Enterprise, RACE, can rely not only on our bonuses and discounts, but also discounts from our partners. For our regular customers, we offer the best cars to choose from, the best prices, the ability to choose a car and the optimal price given the variety of programs and discounts. Our employees are focused on providing you with comprehensive assistance and providing more benefits and preferences for the more regular customers. Loyalty programs Rent A Car Enterprise will allow you to get the car at the best prices in over 90 countries. Our worldwide network of car hire offers you the best prices for car rental in more than 500 cities around the world. Our loyal customers, we are always happy to offer:

  1. Discount on the price in the price list
  2. Free delivery and drop off cars out of office
  3. Reducing collateral for car hire
  4. A significant reduction in the cost of additional services
  5. Large discounts for long term car hire
  6. Cars to choose from
  7. Additional insurance coverage by the company

Get a rental car with us and stay with us.


You deserve it!