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Curative Lemurian Pink Lake

The Ukrainian analogue to the Dead Sea that is in Kherson region is popular as among Ukrainians so among tourists. This article is especially for those who doubts whether it is worth visiting the lake, as well as for those who want to know more about wonders of Ukrainian nature.

The effect of pink waters

The lake is of unusual pink color because of special type of algae that grows in the waters. These algae contain carotenoids, they have curative peculiarities and a positive effect on a body. That is why people come here not only to enjoy the nature`s beauty, but more in hope of improving their state of health, in particular with joints issues. Also, the pink lake positively influences the state of skin.


The history tells nothing about the origin of the pink lake, but it is considered that this is everything that is left from Lemurian sea.

The second legend tells that some time ago on the place where there is a lake now was an air accident. There appeared a hole after the plane crash. Little by little it filled with the salt from Sivash lake that is located nearby.

Resort and infrastructure

This is a real balneological but wild resort that means that there is almost no infrastructure and you need to be satisfied with the gifts of nature. You can stay in Hryhorivka village that is not far from the lake.

What else is close to the lake

There is Askania-Nova national nature reserve two kilometers from Hryhorivka village – the only reserve in Ukraine which plains are left to be untouched by the hand of a man. You can visit it and take part in two-hours instruction at Askania-Nova botanical garden and a zoo.

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