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Import duties increased

April 2019

Already on April 14, 2013 according to the new Law, the import duty on cars to trucks to be raised in Ukraine, with an engine capacity between 1 and 2.2 liters, ie appreciation not catch a more expensive car segment. Well done in support of national manufacturer - buy Ukrainian. We support the slogan "Buy Ukrainian", but there is one thing, and Ukrainian cars has generally ??? What is it - the Korean cars with bolted wheels Ukrainians - this production in Ukrainian. The government hopes that the production car will begin to develop in Ukraine because of duties. It seems it would be necessary not only to protect, but also bring benefits by producers with tax rate down to 0 over a large period. Sorry, but AvtoZAZ for such a long period of benefits, which is more than 15 years and did not become a full-fledged, so maybe it's worth to euthanize it "invalid" the Ukrainian economy - why do we need inefficient production, which we must support out of his own pocket. Just think, in 15 years the plant did not become on its feet again and asks for help in the form of benefits. Recall that Ukraine is a WTO member, and thus the introduction of such fees affect its image, as already stated, foreign state. AvtoZAZ for 15 years, not only killed the "Tavria", and so that was not a machine, but also managed to make fun of the Daewoo Lanos, which with each passing year becomes worse and worse. ZAZ service is terrible - guarantee 0, whom we protect. If Volkswagen warranty changes everything, burned-out signal, breaking the lock from corrosion, nobody here speaks so corrosion is the weather, which then guarantee - changes everything. The Lanos burn engine and you say you're a glass toned in the car, so there is no warranty on the motor - this manufacturer SUPPORTS STATE DUE TO THE POPULATION OF UKRAINE ????? Chevrolet Aveo with automatic gearbox, manufactured to AvtoZAZ is from 144 000 UAH, and the Hyundai Accent, the Koreans made with automatic gearbox -. 125 000 UAH. ZAZ is justified, there is a light sensor and rain, and why is it needed in the budget this Chinese auto sensor ???? If it is, so it's worth pennies - a look at the Chinese cars - there is everything, it is not a qualitative as well as in Zazovskaya Chevrolet, but it is there and the car with everything, even skin and diode lamps is 2 times cheaper Zazovskaya and also no guarantee - then why need ZAZ ???
What can you expect - certainly will rise in price of cars, and the budget, which means that Ukrainians with average income will have to pay attention to the b / y vehicles and not to dream of a new car, people with large incomes rise in price will not be affected, they simply buy more expensive cars, which fall under the duties are not. It's a shame that all this hit the pockets of Ukrainians. Automotive suppliers will be able to stock up, putting on a certain number of stock cars, but this will not last long. It is hoped that the WTO can press on and everything will return to Ukraine for the 2-4 months ago, and during this period we will survive on the remains avtodillerov warehouses.
Rent a car in Ukraine also expect an automatic increase in price - if companies are focused on the purchase of new cars, as well as doing the normal, regular company, it all will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the price of car rental services at the expense of increase in the price of auto, auto insurance prices increase rental car prices will be partially constrained due to old fleet, but it is natural to everyone is not enough, and there will be a great pity that the cars of one class but bought with a difference of 2 months will differ in price by 6 - 12% respectively, an increase of duties. The loser does not remain only companies buying old cars, but they are very hurt their customers, as the old cars do not lead and will not lead to the provision of quality services. Used car is the way to permanent complaints of customers and repair the machine.
We hope that this article has provided you with useful information. We are still staying with you and will fight for the sake of your benefit !!!

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