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Feldman Ecopark – Briefly and Succinctly

Feldman Ecopark is located 14 kilometers from Kharkiv city center and takes over than 140 hectares.

The Ecopark cooperates with the European Union countries (on a regular basis) and more and more animals and birds are added to the Ecopark – from European Union countries, it is happy to invite them to its rehabilitation center.

Ecopark`s Activity

Feldman Ecopark is “well-rounded”. Nowadays you can find such groups on its territory, as:

Petting Zoo

It is forbidden to touch and feed animals on the territory of Ecopark. However, it is fine with the petting zoo that was found on the territory of Ecopark not for a long time ago. You may touch animals – of course if they do not mind and feed them under the alert staffs` control. But firstly you need to find out which treats this or that animal prefers.


The ecopark`s infrastructure is rather developed, you can find there:

Attendance Peculiarities

The entrance to Feldman Ecopark is free, nobody asks you to pay. However, the entrance is forbidden to the people under alcohol intoxication. The smoking is also forbidden on the territory of Ecopark.

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